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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

its been week since i drive le... until now... quite exciting... a lot of things happened... haha... lucky is that the car is still 1 piece... LOL...

brought the gang to makan.... brought my teammates to countless place for location scouting... send my dad to find my aunt... oh ya... 4got to thanks her... although she wont read my blog but my cousin willl hehe... THX GU MA for helpin mi get this awesome car... hehe

however, 1 big problem is that i cant go anywhere without my gps. basically i m a direction idiot. so i always go the wrong way. haha.. so end up taking the same time as take mrt, but juz in a more comfortable way. HAHA... but its ok, i m still a p plate holder. HAHAHAHAHA...

tell u guys 1 secret, when i drive to sch is normal ok. same route, but when it comes to goin home, i have been take diff route to go home for the pass few days.. weird hor? (*coz keep turning at the wrong place, then redirecting all the time *) haha.... ok i think i post some shots i have taken ba.. more meaning... got to do my proj le... juz resting and blog smth... juz to keep my blog alive... haha

think i have upload to facebook, but still wanna put here... heheee

didnt mean to do this, but the 1 suggest this is the 1 showing his ass.

so to punish him, i post smth unglam of him... :P


giak ba liao...

didnt mean to drop the prata.... T_T

~Kai An up

Grrrr...6:50 AM

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ignore that p plate... hahhhhaha


so cool

finally i got my 1st car eva.. although is rest for a few months... but its super cool man~!!!!.... wosh... my 1st car is not sloppy... hahha... n its red~!!! fufill my dream... car either red or yellow.. although is not mazda (* which man ppl say mazda eats a lot of patrol so not getting*) its honda... ermmm my dad say is honda aiwa... but i search online image is no there... i onli found honda civic car which ii duno wad izzit..h ahaa.... but i too some photo... hehe

~Kai An up

Grrrr...4:46 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i realise that i have to say this line every time i post a post man. " It has been a long while since i last blog " haha... this setence became my intro for most of the post... LOL but ya... no choice... there is so many things and so little time... haiz... no choice... haha...

ok i officially left monstrou studio... ermmm ok la... the ppl there really is nice, but all the work is really driving mi insane, but still it is a really good experience there. although tiring, can say torturing but it sure do help mi a lot in portfoilo, skills, time mangement, file management, patience and many many more... really... hav many memories there. half a year man... kinda proud of myself ^^v hahahahahahh...

sch finally reopen le... yep... feel smarter already... ( coz of the air in sch ) hahaha.. sad to say is, the moment sch starts, i have to stress my fyp , which i already felt the stress le... haiz... lukcy for mi, i have a super duper wooper wonderful teammates.... yep... SOKE PRODUCTION RULES... i think i got post all these b4... but really.. gonna make this the best project eva... LETS DO IT TEAM~!!!

went out today wif cc jason n boon kiat... went to flyers, bugis ai ya... walk here walk tehre i also blur le.. took some photos to post... hehe... ai ya... i also kinda gong gong ... duno wad i m writing... haha.. ai ya... may be i juz cut the talkin and post all the photos ba... hahaha

this is at esplanade

haizz... can onli c... hope i can stay there for 1 night i also happy

flyers... hmmmm

the 3 musketeers

raffless..... i prefer ruffles... :X

our gathering....

we onli ordered 3 kinda of meal... this...

n this... ( i got this )... the last 1 nv get a chance to take... ( coz raymond ordered, but its slow... n i started eating arleady.. ) hahahaha

fri went SMU for a talk... hahaha

the window c everyday for 6 months... hahahahah

last day of my work... my boss treat mi thiss... hehehehe

the door... hahaa... sad hor... like so wulu

the table and sit which i fought millions of battle the past 6 months... hahha very memorable...



another angle...

tipical armyman pose... hahaha

monster handd... haha


i like this shot... hahaha

entrence... hehe

ok i shall end wif smth funny.... BBDC sent mi a 65 cent cheque ... 2pid right....
~Kai An Up

Grrrr...8:28 AM

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I FEEL SO SMARTTTT~!!!! hahaaaa

sch air makes mi feel i m smart again... haha... it has been so long since i step into the classrom and attend classes again... yep... now havin my 1st lesson... ya... although is the same... super boring.. but still its good... hehe.... miss sch so much.... now i m finally back... woopeee....

sad to say the 1st thing i go back sch is to crack my head n do up a grp website, probably blog will do. but need to link every 1 de post tgt... so ma fan.. yep... now must listen to class le... last sem~~~~ hehe

~kai an up

Grrrr...10:52 PM

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


today is her actualy birthday... hehe.... yep.... sad to say i at office is super tired.... then go back home veri tired already... haha... but still... got blow candle~!! woooo sis bought a nice oreo cheese cake... is super duper nice man! haha...

erm may be no time to post pics, coz i now hav 3 jobs. 1 is the extend of my ITP job, then hav promoter then need to help sch draw comic. haha... i duno how i m gonna do it, but ya, i got to do it.

so ya.... now takin a quick break. gonna go back draw le...


~kaian up

Grrrr...7:43 AM

Saturday, October 03, 2009

YO every bodyyy i m back... from my mom birthday celebration. today not her actualy day, but we celebrate eariler. haha...

i wore my contact lens for the 2nd timeeee... haha... but i still took like 40 plus mins -.- ... pianggggg emo.... lucky nv late... LOL... (*but i took out like less than a min juz now, so weird*)

ok say the initial plan 1st.. actually we wan go bowling then go buffet dinner de. thats the original plan. then when we go there, bowling alley full due to this bustard hu cut my sis's Q, then he got the last lane. then we think that ya, may be is fated we are not suppose to play bowling today. then my dad suggested to go K sing. hahha... then there we go. SING... haha... 1st time go karaoke together, as in the 4 of us, go sing. then there is like interlace of old and new songs. super funny. then my dad n mom duno how 2 use the remote at 1st, as in the buttons, then i teach them go search for singer, the 1st singer feng fei fei, then the really go choose all the songs they noe there, then end up is really feng fei fei combo. hahahahahaha.... 1 whole list man. then finaly they noe how the system works, then stard to have more variety songs. haha..

after that we go this dian xin resturant makan. ermmm is veri similar to crastal jade, (*think is copy or smth de*) then the food there is ok onli, not veri good nor veri bad. so ya.. not really satisfied, but we sure hav fun in K... haha...

my inisital present is to giv my mom 1 big big hong bao 1. but end up, thought if i really giv tt amount i gonna be super broke. so ya. stingy a bit, next time then giv. haha... but at least i pay for all the expenses today. i not bu xiao zi okie... haha... ^^v

oh ya... 1 more thing. i saw si hui at marina square also... is like so funny la... the 1st time i saw her is at the, ermmm u all noe the big water generated wheel? ya.. there... then i duno is her or not, then walk pass le, then guan ta de.. haha... then so heng, in marina square, saw here again~!!! this time is she walk pass... the i also suan le, think she nv c mi. then finally at near bowling alley there, saw her again. combo man... then finally say hi, then end up really is her -.- piangggg next time hor, u guys c mi right... juz callll coz most of the time i may ot recogise is you~~~ ._.lll haha....

oh ya... happy 月蛋糕 festival~~~~

mom tired already

sis also...

wooo wad they looking at??

this is the placeee

mi and my dad combo~~~ long de chuan ren

my dad n mom duet.... WOOOOO

jie too focus on wad she wanna "order" then dad n mom hidning at the back

told ya she is really focus

mi n my sis... i wear contct then she nv wear -.-

ohh ya... chocolate yue binggggggg

~kaian up

Grrrr...6:34 AM


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